why should i sign with my baby?

There are numerous benefits to signing with infants and toddlers, many of which extend well past early childhood. Did you know that children who signed as babies begin speaking sooner than their non-signing peers (on average)? They also tend to have larger vocabularies and speak in longer sentences. When researchers followed up with one group of children who signed with their parents, they found them to have better reading and spelling skills and even higher IQs than their peers who weren’t exposed to signs. Signing works both parts of your baby’s brain, as well as their fine motor skills, all while promoting their speech/language and social development. Parents who sign with their babies tend to initiate communication more throughout the day, read and sing more with their babies, and experience less frustration as they build confidence in meeting their child’s need. Signing can be particularly useful for children who are late to develop speech/language, or who have a developmental disability.

do i need to sign up in advance for a class/workshop?

No, most of our classes are drop in, and we accept cash, checks or credit cards, PayPal or Venmo on site.

what’s the difference between a “sign & Play” class and a baby signing 101 workshop?

Our Sign & Play class is typically 45 minutes long, and includes games, music, stories, and more, all while signing! It is specifically created to engage babies aged 0-18 months old, and will not include a lot of “technical jargon” for parents. Our Baby Signing 101 Workshop is more geared towards parents (who are always welcome to bring their babies/toddlers). You will learn the basics of language development, how/when/why to sign with your baby, FAQs about signing with babies, Do’s/Don’ts of signing, as well as the top 20 signs to start with. You will go home with everything you need to get you signing through the first year with baby!

what makes “sacramento baby signs” different?

Sacramento Baby Signs offers the most affordable and accessible baby signing classes for Sacramento county families. Owner and teacher Megan is an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist who has been working with children for over 14 years. She is Hanen certified, and has experience working with infants/toddlers with disabilities, language delays, and children who are deaf/hard-of-hearing. What makes her classes unique is the detailed information you will receive on early language development, do’s/don’ts of starting with signs, songs to sign to, books to read/sign with, and more! She is specifically trained to support parents who have been trying to sign, but have not had any success yet. Signing CAN and WILL work for your family, and you’ll be communicating with your baby before you know it!

my baby doesn’t seem interested in signing…

Babies need to see consistent and motivating (relevant) signs for at least 3 months before they will begin to start signing back (on average). My own son took 7 months to begin signing back. If you’ve been trying the same sign(s) for longer than that, there could be a few things going on. We can help you diagnose the issue and provide easy, helpful next steps. Come to a class or contact me for ideas.

is my baby too young/old to begin signing?

Unless your child is already speaking in sentences, it is never too early/late to begin signing! Many babies will not begin to “clue in” to what you’re abstractly communicating through signs until they are closer to 6-7 months of age. Once they clue in, it can take months before they begin signing back. Megan’s own son didn’t start signing back until he was 13 months old, but now has over 40 signs in his vocabulary! Signing with toddlers continues to be incredibly beneficial, as their articulation isn’t intelligible to many adults, which can lead to frustration and misunderstandings.

can i host a baby signing class at my house?

Of course! I travel all over the greater Sacramento area to offer in-home classes that are 45-60 minutes long. Get together a few fellow moms and hire me! I can work with your budget to provide something that is fun and will provide you with everything you need to start signing today!